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Groundwater can be a lifesaving resource in times of drought and a cost-effective way to store seasonal water supplies.

DHS Groundwater Consulting offers turnkey hydrogeological services and solutions for groundwater development and management including:

  • Hydrocensus surveys through the gathering of hydrogeological data and field measurements.
  • Geophysical surveys to pinpoint strategically placed borehole positions.
  • Management of drilling and pump testing sub-contractors. We have developed trust-built relationships with sub-contractors enabling us to provide clients with high quality and consistent drill and pump testing services.
  • Supervision of the borehole drilling processes including the design of appropriate borehole construction methods whilst managing both cost and quality implications.
  • Management of pump testing and preparation of sustainable pumping recommendations. This type of aquifer testing involves subjecting the aquifer to pumping under controlled test conditions to determine the hydraulic parameters of the groundwater system through its response to the stress of abstraction.
  • Slug testing to estimate the hydraulic properties of a water source (a controlled field experiment where the water level in an aquifer is caused to change rapidly with the subsequent water-level response measured).
  • The preparation of a hydrogeological report required for Water Use Licence Applications.
  • Compliance monitoring and water quality sampling of wastewater at farms, landfill sites, wastewater treatment plants, etc.

What is a geophysical survey?

A Geophysical survey by a registered hydrogeologist is a cost-effective, non-intrusive and relatively quick way of detecting and assessing potential sources of groundwater suitable for further development.

We follow a 6- step process to ensure that you get the best water possible. At the end of the day, water quality is just as important as water quantity.

Our Process

Identify potential sources

As a first step in locating groundwater, the hydrogeologist consults a geologic map showing where the different kinds of rock come to the land surface. Fractured rock formations provide good openings to carry water underground. These formations are called aquifers. A good aquifer must be both porous enough to hold water and permeable enough to allow the continuous recharge of water.

Information gathering

Next, the hydrogeologist gathers information on the boreholes in the area—their locations, depth, amount of water pumped, and the kinds of rock they penetrate. Because the water-seeker cannot always afford to drill a test hole to obtain information, records of boreholes already drilled are of great value.

Select a drilling location

With the preparation work done the hydrogeologist will select (in consultation with the client) the most suitable area of land for the physical survey. Factors to consider will be the information gathered during the desk study as well as the location of the survey sites in relation to the area where the water is intended for use. A physical, scientific geophysical survey is then conducted to locate the drilling sites with the greatest potential to meet the Client’s specific water requirements.

Select a drilling contractor

With the geophysical survey complete, the hydrogeologist assists with the procurement of a reputable drilling contractor – ensuring that the recommended driller has the right equipment and experience to complete the drilling activities and borehole construction. On-site supervision allows for accurate collection of data (depth, yield and quality of water strikes) and hands-on management so that the borehole is drilled in the best position, to the right depth, according to the most suitable construction specifications and at the lowest possible cost.

Water quality and borehole yield tests

Before continuing with expensive casing and pump installations it is important that the hydrogeologist determines the safe water use specification through testing of water samples by an accredited laboratory to ensure that it is fit for purpose. The hydrogeologist can advise on possible construction specifications that may enhance the water quality by blocking off the ingress off unsuitable aquifers into the more suitable water steams.

Once construction is complete, it is important that the hydrogeologist determines the size of the pump required, the depth at which it should be installed and the sustainable rate at which a borehole should be pumped. A borehole yield test involves testing the balance between the maximum amount of water that can be pumped out of the borehole and the amount of water that recharges back from the surrounding ground water sources to ensure sustainable water use.

water use licence application REPORTS

The aforementioned process of groundwater exploration, drilling, and testing the yield and quality of boreholes often culminates in the registration or authorisation of the use of new source of groundwater (water use licence). Submitting a water use licence is lengthy and often complicated process which requires (depending on the water use) certain technical documents and reports, as well as specialist studies (e.g. geohydrological, floodline, hydrological, offset studies, watercourse delineation, etc). DHS Groundwater consulting will assist with the preparation of such water use licence reports as required by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

The management of groundwater development projects can be complex, time-intensive and challenging. Our services ensure proper planning, implementation, budget control, successful completion and ultimately promotes sustainable management of groundwater reserves.

It is important that the groundwater development services be determined in accordance with the Client’s specific water requirements. DHS consulting will work with you to arrive at a tailored, obligation free quotation for services that best meets your specific water needs.

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* Discount is offered for agricultural group bookings for geophysical surveys in the same geographical areas.

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